HR Support for Established SMEs

For established SMEs we start with a consultation meeting to understand your business strategy, growth plans and what you want your people policies to achieve in support of the business.

Once we understand this, we will audit your current Employment Contracts and HR Policies and Procedures. From this we will provide a report that identifies any shortfalls in your existing contracts or policies supported by a series of recommendations.

We will then provide you with a full employment contract, staff handbook customised to your preferences (we’ll take you through the options) and a larger bank of support hours for HR and admin support plus ongoing telephone and email support.

Pricing is based on the number of Employees in the Organisation and the number of hours of support your business needs.

Scaling up?

As our support packages are dependent on the number of hours an organisation needs, we can scale up or even scale down the support from year to year to perfectly match your needs.

Package 1 – Companies with 1 to 5 Employees

Package 2 – Companies with 6 to 20 Employees

Package 3 – Companies with 21 to 50 Employees

Package 4 – Companies with 50+ Employees