HR Support for Start Ups and Fledgling Businesses

Starting any new business is both exciting and tough at the same time.

Staying focused on delivering the product or service you have developed is essential to your success. Getting side-tracked into some of the non-core but essential business activities any business operator must do is tiring and will impede your businesses growth.

That is why you need expert hands to guide you through processes and procedures that you aren’t yet equipped for. MYHRsupport can write employment contracts and HR policies/handbooks for you, at a fraction of the cost an Employment Lawyer will demand.

We can also provide HR administration support and all of your other HR needs – from recruitment, employment law advice to appraisals, bonus schemes and employee benefits etc.

For start-ups and their first employee or two, the service includes an annual subscription to plus a basic compliant employment contract written for you, a set of ACAS compliant HR policies in a handbook form and a few hours to use for administrative support or HR consultant support.